Our Philosophy

Palmwoods Community Kindergarten Philosophy Statement

At Palmwoods Community Kindergarten we acknowledge children have a right to play and that children learn best through play.We strongly believe that each child is competent and capable. Each child's inherent uniqueness, creativity and right to respect and dignity needs to be acknowledged. All children have a background of prior experiences, skills and knowledge that is intrinsically valuable, which contributes to the group learning environment.

We believe it is the right of families and children to have equal access and participation in a developmentally appropriate and socially constructed play based curriculum, irrespective of gender, culture, language, political and religious beliefs or ability. A place and program where children and their families feel welcome and establish a strong sense of belongingness, within our centre and the wider community. Additionally, we believe it is vital for children to acknowledge, understand, respect and celebrate Australia's First People and our nation's cultural diversity.

We believe that it is the child's right to an environment that is safe; an environment that provides mental and physical challenge, is aesthetic, inclusive, harmonious, collaborative and is supportive of their emotional and spiritual needs. An environment where adults encourage all children's efforts to develop positive relationships, mastery and autonomy. We aim to foster in children a growing knowledge, a deeper understanding of and respectful attitude towards natural and built environments of the world around them.

It is our opinion that a positive self- image and sense of self-esteem, a sense of belonging, wellbeing, connectedness and sense of agency, is a vital requirement for children in continuing to develop positive learning dispositions. We aim to nurture the virtues of Respect, Courage, Kindness and Responsibility, with and alongside adults, who support them in developing resiliency strategies that assist them in adapting effectively in a rapidly changing world, so that they become confident, contributing, resilient and caring members of society.

It is our role to provide consistent adult support, guidance and modelling for children so that they achieve the positive learning outcomes of becoming confident, curious, self-directed and involved inquirers and learners, risk takers, decision makers and problem solvers. We believe that the "process" is as important as the "product". It is by going through a "process" that we learn.

We will encourage children to develop a positive disposition towards understanding the benefits of being physically active and making healthy food choices. We will encourage independence in self-help skills and support children in developing a respectful attitude and an empathetic understanding and acceptance of themselves and others.

Children actively construct knowledge as they interact with their environment, materials and people within it as they play. Children's self expression will be encouraged and supported by allowing time to actively explore and communicate their ideas and experiences. We will provide and collaboratively plan for, a wide range of meaningful and creative play experiences, utilizing different mediums, resources, discussions, community visitors etc, that allow for group or individual interactions and challenges, with a variety of possible outcomes.

We strongly believe that children learn in an integrated and multisensory manner. Planning should therefore, be based on their interests and needs, developed by a collaborative, three way partnership, between staff, children and parents. The fact that each child develops at a different rate needs to be acknowledged. Recording of each child's development and learning therefore needs to be on an individual basis using a range of observation and monitoring techniques through collaborative partnership between children, families and educators.

Continuity of experiences and transitions between home, Kindergarten and Prep are important. Parents are actively encouraged to participate in their child's learning and in partnership with the teacher and their child and establish common goals working towards positive learning outcomes for their child.